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Cane-line Amaze Sofa

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möbel design dekoration
möbel design dekoration
möbel design dekoration
möbel design dekoration

Cane-line Amaze Sofa

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Amaze 2 seater lounge teak sofa is a design statement of simplicity, comfort and craftsmanship. It has sculptural properties when place against a modern house as a solitaire piece of outdoor furniture. It serves as a place to return to, unwind and relax and perhaps enjoy wonderful evenings after a long day at work.

You can combine the Amaze 2 seater lounge teak sofa with other members of the "Amaze" family. They all are made with highest of standards, and passion to generate a truly unique experience for the customer. Amaze series are known for high-quality standards which reflect in highest of quality and the combination of extreme comfortability and elegant appearance. The Amaze 2 seater couch has been designed for Cane-line by Danish designers Foersom + Hiort-Lorenzen.

Amaze is manufactured in untreated, certified teak wood, which allow one to choose how to preserve the teak. Eighter the teak may be left untreated, in which case it will develop a beautiful grey patina over time and will only require a minimum of cleaning. Or the untreated teak can be oiled with a suitable teak oil. Depending on in which climate, it is to be used, oiling may be required a couple of times a year.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Cane-Line
Designer Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen
Year -
Material Teakholz
Dimensions Breite: 145 cm

Höhe: 77 cm

Tiefe: 82 cm

Sitzhöhe: 38 cm