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Marja Rautiainen

Marja Rautiainen
Marja Rautiainen is one of the best Finnish textile designers with a great knowledge of weaving. Her work reflects her strong professional skills and her passion for Scandinavian textile traditions. Marja’s designs Mustikka and Mansikka, Metsäpolku, Ruusunen, Koivu and Motti have had a lasting impact on Finnish textile design. She is educated at the University for the Industrial Arts and she is a key designer at Lapuan Kankurit weaving factory, who represents a new, open-minded generation of designers whose goal is to create linens that meet the needs of today’s consumers.
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    1. Anni cushion cover 50x60 cm
      Out of Stock
    2. Lapuan Kankurit My Finland Tea Towel
    3. Lapuan Kankurit Koivu Tea Towel
    4. Anni cushion cover 40x40 cm
      Anni cushion cover 40x40 cm
      As low as CHF18.00
    5. Lapuan Kankurit Koivu Sauna Cover
    6. Lapuan Kankurit Kukat Cushion Cover
    7. Päkäpäät Wool Blanket
      Päkäpäät Wool Blanket
      As low as CHF95.00
    8. Elk wool blanket
      Elk wool blanket
      As low as CHF95.00
    9. Lapuan Kankurit Corona Uni Blanket
    10. Triano Blanket
      Triano Blanket
      As low as CHF114.00
    11. Corona Wool Blanket
      Corona Wool Blanket
      As low as CHF129.00
    12. Saaga mohair blanket
      Saaga mohair blanket
      As low as CHF155.00
    Grid List

    12 Items

    Set Descending Direction