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Nikari is a Finnish manufacturer of sustainable wooden furniture made from locally certified wood of the highest quality. Through decades of determination and focus on the material wood and its environmental benefits Nikari has gained great knowledge about Finnish wood and surface treatment materials like oils, waxes and soaps, which they use in the production of chairs, tables and other furniture. Nikari produces sustainable designer furniture for both public premises and private homes. The furniture manufacturer was founded in 1967 by Kari Virtanen. Today Nikari is run the next generation of enthusiastic entrepreneurs. The simple and modern furniture is deeply rooted in Nordic traditions and is designed by internationally renowned designers such as Alfredo Häberli, Jasper Morrison, Claeson, Koivisto, Rune and Nikari's own team. The Nikari studio is located in the beautiful, unique Fiskars village in south-west Finland, in the oldest machinery workshop of the country.
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    1. Nikari Linea Perch Bar Stool 63 cm
    2. JRV1 LED pendant lamp
      JRV1 LED pendant lamp
      As low as CHF335.00
    3. Nikari Linea Perch Bar Stool 75 cm
    4. Nikari KVJ3 sauna stool
    5. Nikari Café Skandi Stool
      Nikari Café Skandi Stool
      As low as CHF370.00
    6. Nikari Arkitecture PPJ Trestle Legs (2 pcs)
    7. July stool/side table
    8. August stool
      August stool
    9. Nikari Skandinavia KVT6 Chair
      Nikari Skandinavia KVT6 Chair
      As low as CHF465.00
    10. Seminar KVT1 Chair
      Seminar KVT1 Chair
      As low as CHF485.00
    11. KVTT1 patio chair
    12. Nikari Linea Akademia Chair
      Nikari Linea Akademia Chair
      As low as CHF489.00
    Grid List

    Items 1-12 of 49

    Set Descending Direction