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Saas Instruments

Saas Instruments
SAAS Instruments is one of the world’s leading experts in innovative, high-quality lighting. The company has deep knowledge on the latest technology such as fibre optics and LED, but stands also for the poetry of light. The ’Luminaires’ fixtures have been created especially for SAAS by a wide range of designers. The lamps are evocative statement pieces, manufactured in Helsinki and found in several design museum collections around the world.
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    1. SAAS Instruments Tube Pendant
      SAAS Instruments Tube Pendant
      As low as CHF315.00
    2. Sparkle Pendelleuchte
      Sparkle Pendelleuchte
      As low as CHF425.00
    3. Bubble LED-Pendant
      Bubble LED-Pendant
      As low as CHF915.00
    4. No512 Wallamp
      No512 Wallamp
    5. SAAS Instruments Bare Pendelleuchte
    6. Saas Instruments Trefoil Pendant
      Saas Instruments Trefoil Pendant
      As low as CHF1,755.00
    7. Helsinki Lighthouse Pendant Lamp
    8. Sense Light Swing Pendant Lamp
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    8 Items

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