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Skagerak is a family-owned company based in Denmark with traditions in the manufacture of Scandinavian design furniture, accessories and outdoor furniture. Skagerak shares passion for wood and quality. Their contemporary products are characterized by craftsmanship, environmental sustainability and warm and inviting aesthetic qualities. Skagerak strives to create products that are made to last. They stand for responsible production, transparent working relations and good working conditions. Skagerak supports and adhere to the United Nations’ ten principles for CSR and only use legally sourced timber.
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    1. Skagerak Stripes Towel 40x60 cm
    2. Skagerak Norr Tablett 21x35 cm Eiche
    3. Skagarak Norr Tablett 25,5x46 cm schwarz
    4. Skagerak Aino Mirror
      Skagerak Aino Mirror
      As low as CHF158.00
    5. Skagerak Nomad Table Tray
    6. Skagerak Georg Desk
      Skagerak Georg Desk
      As low as CHF696.00
    7. Skagerak Aito Lounge Chair
      Skagerak Aito Lounge Chair
      As low as CHF902.00
    8. Skagerak Selandia Table Ø94 cm
    9. Skagerak Steamer Deck Chair
    10. Skagerak Reform Table
      Skagerak Reform Table
      As low as CHF1,294.00
    11. Skagerak Tradition Spacer Chair Modul
    12. Skagerak Reform Table Wood
      Skagerak Reform Table Wood
      As low as CHF1,372.00
    Grid List

    Items 1-12 of 32

    Set Descending Direction