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Licorice by Johan Bülow - Wild Berries


Licorice by Johan Bülow

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Johan Bülow licorice is a sweet that is particularly popular in the north. At Johan Bülow everything revolves around liquorice since 2007. The young company has set itself the goal of helping liquorice to get more of its well-deserved attention

This delicious combination of white caramelised gourmet chocolate with mild, sugar-sweet blueberries, traditionally hand-picked in Sweden, coats a full-bodied liquorice centre. This liquorice is even immediately addictive according to many!

Johan Bülow uses real blueberries that grow wild in the forest. The wild blueberries are known for their intense taste and dark blue pulp - unlike the pale pulp of the cultivated blueberries from America, which are often found in the supermarket.

More Information
More Information
Ingredients52% dulce chocolate (sugar, milk powder, cocoa butter, whey powder, cocoa mass, milk fat, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural flavours), 20% sugar, rice flour, invert sugar syrup, molasses, glucose syrup, 2%liquorice extract, 1.6% wild blueberries (frozen)