Louis Poulsen PH 4½-4 Glass Pendant

Louis Poulsen
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3-6 weeks
Louis Poulsen PH 4½-4 Glass pendant luminaire was designed on the principle of a reflective three-shade system, which directs most of the light downwards. Scandinavian style pendant designed by Poul Henningsen. Poul Henningsen's aim has always been to create luminaires with glare-free light that cast soft shadows and direct the cone of light to the right place. He was the first to study light on a scientific basis using the logarithmic spiral. With its help and the use of glass, he achieved an even distribution of light and diffuse reflection, i.e. glare effects and shadows could be specifically influenced. The brightness is evenly dampened by the individual screen elements. The figures refer to the size of the screen segments.

The shades of the PH 4½-4 Glass Pendant are made of hand-blown, opalised, three-layer glass, glossy on the outside and matt sandblasted on the inside, resulting in a soft and diffuse light distribution.

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More Information
ManufacturerLouis Poulsen
MaterialSchirme: Mundgeblasenes Opalglas, weiss.

Aufhängung: Gezogenes Aluminium, extrudiert, hochglanzverchromt

DimensionsØ 45 cm, H 41 cm