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Chocolate & Sweets

In our online shop you will find a first class selection of Finnish chocolate and sweets. Order our Finnish delicacies from Fazer - finest chocolate and tasty liquorice conveniently online or buy in our shop in Zurich Schiffbaustrasse 7.
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  1. Fazer Salmiak Pastilles
  2. Fazer Moomin Wine Gums 80g
  3. Fazer Tyrkisk Peber Original 150g
  4. Fazer Super Salmiakki Salty Liquorice Candies 80g
  5. Fazer 'Salmiakki' Mix 180g
  6. Fazer Dumle Original 150g
  7. Fazer Fazermint 150g
  8. Fazer Marianne Peppermint Candies with Chocolate  220g
  9. Fazer Blue  Milk Chocolate 200g
  10. Fazer Blue Milk Chocolate Box 270g
  11. Fazer Moomin Gift Box 100g
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Grid List

12 Items

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