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Tabels are available in different shapes and sizes and a table has multiple functions. Dining table is a place to gather around, office desks support tasks and above-surface equipment and a side table has a wide variety of uses. You can use a side table as a side table to your sofa, chair or as nightstand. You can also display lovely home accessories and photographs on a table to give your room an intimate feel. Select the perfect table for your home from our Scandinavian style tables both modern and classic.
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  1. String Works PC Holder
    String Works PC Holder
    Special Price CHF63.00 Regular Price CHF69.00
  2. String Works Table Paneel
    String Works Table Paneel
    As low as CHF69.00
  3. String Work Bowl Shelf
    String Work Bowl Shelf
    Special Price CHF87.00 Regular Price CHF95.00
  4. String Works Bowl
    String Works Bowl
    Special Price CHF100.00 Regular Price CHF109.00
  5. Lilly table
    Lilly table
    As low as CHF138.00
  6. Muuto Airy Coffee Table Halfsize
  7. Iittala Vakka storage box - small
  8. Cane-line On-The-Move Side Table
  9. Iittala Vakka storage box - large
  10. Andersen Classic 240 Extend Leaf
  11. Muuto Airy Coffee Table Small
    Muuto Airy Coffee Table Small
    As low as CHF275.00
  12. Artek Side Table 606
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 154

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